bangkok TOP 10 LIST


Le concierge orient


An authentic Thai teak house richly decorated with antiques and designer accoutrements, this unique villa takes one back in time with style and nostalgia.


Sukhothai Suite

The Sukhothai

A timeless statement raised in the 90s, this sumptuous suite remains a regal abode of grand sophistication with an enviable list of previous celebrity residents.


Tastefully furnished with an understated elegance, this cavernous suite is stylishly modern yet luxuriously plush.


Ambassador Suite

Mandarin Oriental


A tasteful, cheery composite of the writers' suites of yore, this splendid space is now the resplendent new face of an old, storied address.


Presidential Suite

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Strikingly modern with strong lines and ochre tones, Bangkok's top suite is dripping with views that may be best enjoyed from the private gym or the massage room or the cold and hot plunge pools, all generously apportioned from this stylish 381 sq meters roost.