Le concierge orient


An upscale hotel bearing signature Ritz Carlton accents, this 12 year old property is popular with corporate and leisure travelers alike.


Dripping with old world splendour, the timeless appeal of a classical Shangri-la property is well encapsulated within this urban oasis.


Conceptualised as a modern palace in the heart of town, this art deco inspired hotel delivers royal service with panache.


Jakarta's first luxury hotel raised in the 60s is both witness and testament to the nation's impressive progress. Modern yet historic, this hotel is a veritable hospitality landmark in the city's heart. 


This behemoth establishment with over 1000 rooms and suites does big like no other hotels in town. Its many restaurants are all spectacular establishments renowned for their top-notch cuisines. 


Arguably Jakarta's most distinctive luxury address, the tropical lushness and cultural resplendence of this magnificent property set it in a class of its own.


Set at the crown of Jakarta's premier financial district, this decade old luxury landmark offers both views and aspirations to all scaling the city's heights.


Jakarta's tallest hotel is a grand establishment that offers more than just perch and views. An ivory tower that delineates the city's new horizon, The Westin Jakarta sets the new milestone for an entrenched brand in the midst of dramatic transformation.


An offshoot unlike its own progenitor in terms of design and feel, Raffles Jakarta shines through its emphasis on bespoke luxury service and the whimsical injections of colours and forms drawn from the works of Indonesia's premier artist, Hendra Gunawan.


Dedication is the keyword to Fairmont Jakarta's triumph on our list. From the staff's expert handling of daily affairs to the precise placements of the hotel's stunning collection of modern art works, no detail is remotely out of place in the vastness of this palatial complex.