Jakarta TOP 10 List


Le concierge orient


Presidential Suite

Fairmont Jakarta

Why It's #5

Decidedly classical with warm earth tones and grey marble, plush accents like velvet chairs and carved wall murals come together in winsome contrast.


Presidential Suite

The Westin Jakarta

Why It's #4

Encased by floor to ceiling windows that give views to stunning effects, this mansion in the clouds need to draw on little else save the euphoria of height.


Presidential Suite

The Dharmawangsa

Why It's #3

A culturally resplendent abode that channels the keratons of yore, this magnificent suite comes with gilted taps and a pool in the balcony.


Raffles Suite

Raffles Jakarta

Why It's #2

Modern and plush with newness still crisp in the air, the exuberant burst of colours on carpets and canvases contrasts nicely with the polished veneers of the wooded panels and surfaces, a most poetic melding of visual antipodes.


Presidential Suite

Hotel Indonesia


Why It's #1

This suite is simply magnificent both with its size and conception. Replete with a sauna, massage room and full bar notwithstanding, the entrance of this splendid suite opens to the trappings of power and prestige tastefully rendered in plain view.