Le concierge orient


Majapahit Lounge

The Dharmawangsa

Why It's #5

The joy of sitting for tea in an elegant space where tradition and heritage is palpable is made complete here with Indonesian kuehs and western dainties complemented by robust local brews.


Keraton Lounge

Keraton at the Plaza 

Why It's #4

The Keraton version of a three tier comes with scrumptious savouries and lovely pastries served in a light drenched parlour that sets the mood for tea-time chit-chats.


Lobby Lounge

Westin Jakarta

Why It's #3

Jakarta's highest lobby is currently the space du jour for the trendy set to sit and and stare, both at the stunning views and the insta-ready tea presentations 


The Writers Bar

Raffles Jakarta

Why It's #2

In many ways the Raffles brand conjures all that is chic and genteel about sitting for tea. This leisurely affair at The Writers Bar adopts more dramatic presentations with a three tier cage of delicious contents and the invitation to imbibe a Jakarta Sling, the in-house variation of the famous Singapore Sling. 


Peacock Lounge

Fairmont Jakarta

Why It's #1

The Peacock Lounge is an elegant enclave dedicated to the rituals of tea - the dressing up, the coming together, the seeing and be seen and all the felicities of socialising with a cup in hand. The ambience here is best described as iridescent, much like its namesake. The attention to details in presentation is highly laudable, as is the effort to impress with both the designer pastries on the menu and the social sets that converge here to nibble on them.