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chiang mai




Food & Beverage  + + +

The most unique draw of this comely establishment lies in its conceptual The Service 1921 Restaurant and Bar, which took its inspiration from the bygone era of British intelligence, reflecting the building’s colonial past. Beyond ‘secret’ dining rooms and menus that mimic intelligence dossiers, the greater surprises here are the fiery cocktails as well as the mala-fused Asian cuisine that offers a plucky alternative to Thailand’s signature spiciness.


Spa & Wellness + + +

An uncommonly lush spa raised along designer lines, the fabulous Lanna Ritual here is a skillful amalgamate of Burmese, Thai and Chinese techniques. The session is ended with a wish on a gold leaf, a local tradition that has been thoughtfully incorporated into the treatment. The inviting riverside pool is always packed with guests spoiling for a spot under the sun.


Service + + +

The attentiveness to details here is uncommon, with VIP guests being whisked to the room for check-in and treated to a foot bath while registration is deftly dealt with. Staff at the club lounge are always happy to accede to requests, and stir up some spirited cocktails, best savoured with limitless amount of prawn crackers, over happy hours.


Design + + +

The late Kerry Hill had left his mark in the world of resort architecture and one of the best preserved site of his design legacy is the Anantara Chiang Mai. A contemporary building raised around the former British consulate, the timeless elegance emanating from its clean lines that meld and contrast with verdant lawns makes this property a testament of Hill’s mastery in making the simple sublime, a design diction that many tried to emulate sans success. 

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