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four seasons

chiang mai




Food & Beverage  + + +

With an infinity pool shimmering next to a padi field, 3 excellent restaurants serving Thai, international and Italian cuisine provide guests a welcome respite from seasonal chills with their tropical alfresco dining settings. Breakfast is best enjoyed within the privacy of one's villa, cocooned within lush verdancy.


Spa & Wellness + + +

The Spa at Four Seasons Chiang Mai currently hosts two holistic healers who provide Reiki, Craniosacral and Colour and Light therapies. The craniosacral session aimed at releasing tensions and enhancing physical harmony for one’s body was deeply relaxing while the colour and light therapy based on the Aura-Soma colour care system was intuitively enlightening. These may not be staples within the wellness programs of most spas but from a personal vantage, are well worth taking an experiential plunge.


Service + + +

The Four Seasons has been setting the bar on luxury decadence in Chiang Mai since its inception over 2 decades ago. Rustically exotic yet stylistically sophisticated with signature Four Seasons imprints on all aspects of guest satisfaction, this is a resort that aims to welcome every new guest home.


Design + + +

A tropical hideaway set amidst lush verdant rice fields and distinctive Lanna architecture, the rooms and suites all open to views of alluring nature. While the ID-mores are clearly inherited from a different age, there is warmth and charm within these culturally distinct temporal homes, with the pool villas especially plush yet homely.

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