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Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto was the imperial seat of power of Japan for many centuries before the Meiji Restoration brought the polity to current capital Edo in 1868. What they could not bring with them are the splendid edifices of faith and culture and the refinements of a heritage that have remained the bedrock of Kyoto in the modern age. This olden city is like a fine wine that needs to be slowly explored. For assistance on making a voyage to Kyoto, please Email Us.

Lijiang, China

Lijiang is a UNESCO-Heritage site in the Yunnan province of China that baffles with a feat of engineering not seen anywhere else in the world. Completely levelled by an earthquake in 1996, the current site was raised from the rubbles and ruin with complete adherence to the blueprint of the old city, down to the cut and polish of the stone paths snaking through the site. This alone makes the destination well-worth a visit. For assistance on making a voyage to Lijiang, please  Email Us.

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