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Four Seasons

Kuala Lumpur




Food & Beverage  + + +

un House, helmed by veteran Cantonese chef Jimmy Wong, rises above the competition with exquisite presentation and sublime tastes that marries old and new. Bar Trigonal is a classical drinking hole emanating a sophistication best surmised as Wall Street meets Great Gatsby. The atmosphere is naturally very grown-up, and the drinks, delish.


Spa & Wellness + + 

The Four Seasons Spa is set over a sprawling space but owing to its earth tones and lackluster furnishings does not make an impact visually. The massages here are capably rendered but attention to details can be further enhanced.


Service + + +

A vision that took close to 20 years to materialise, Four Seasons KL may have kept the stunning views to its residential floors but the grand presence of this 65 storey high building raised a stone’s throw from the Petronas twin towers is unmissable. With distinctive class and wonderful Four Seasons service orientation, this highly anticipated new entrant is more than poised to stare down competitors in its upscale neighbourhood.


Design + + +

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur's elegant Ambassador Suite comes with luxurious fittings contained within a stylishly apportioned space that is comely and warm. The sky lobby of the private apartments may be where the best views are kept but the classical tones of the building, think plenty of beige and grey and heaps of marble, set the property at the peak of KL's hospitality benchmark.

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