Capella Singapore


Capella's original conception took form within a colonial mirage white as cream and dreamy as clouds. At the fore of transforming one of Sentosa's most comely heritage edifice, Norman Forster was roped in to raise an architectural counterthesis to what could potentially be old and tired.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Cassia, one of the most beautiful Chinese restaurants in Singapore, dishes out some delectable gourmet Cantonese fares, with the truffles char siew buns our decided favourites. The Knolls serves fantastic breakfast with buffet and ala carte options and Chef's Table proffers one of the best afternoon teas on the island. The top draw here is Auriga Spa, a superlative establishment with the plushest accents and the most experienced hands, all working in tandem to induce bliss.

Service + + +

Probably the best rendered by a Singaporean establishment, the service orientation at Capella is designed to fit seamlessly with high expectations, with a myriad of experiences designed to enthrall, whether it's housekeeping courtesies or Bosun call at the criminally underrated Bob's Bar.

Design + + +

At arrival one is enraptured by a stately facade set upon a hill of tropical sumptuousness. Penetrating within, one enters a bold yet serene architectural masterpiece housing tastefully decked rooms and suites. This is capitally a grand vision raised to define luxury and indulge the senses, clearly manifested with the magnificent Capella Manors, all drenched in light, views and class.