Marina Mandarin Singapore


Exuding the grand opulence of the booming 80s, Marina Mandarin was lavishly endowed with sumptuous skylight streaming down its magnificent atrium, a significant nod to an era of architectural excess long closed.

Gourmet & Wellness + + +

Atrium Lounge exudes a lovely ambience that suits the delectable food and drinks served over afternoon tea and evening cocktails.. Peach Blossoms is an elegantly decorated Chinese restaurant renowned for its chilli crabs and updated Cantonese classics, like the 'Dong Po' pork rib. 

Service + + +

A top notch business hotel that caters to high expectations from within Singapore's busy Marina Bay district.

Design + + +

What was raised 3 decades ago as the height of sophistication is now the vertex of nostalgia evincing the early days of economic ascendancy in this country. It is now as it was before, a sheer delight to step out from the room in the early hours and be greeted by the melodious shrills of live song birds "on duty" echoing throughout the building. The soulful calls of these avian minstrels fill the expanse of the atrium with such an ethereal air, one is left quite astonished by the simplicity and sublimity of such a facile scheme.