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LCO Wellness

Health and travel are the best match in life.

Luxury Medical Concierge

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LCO Wellness ...

... is your one-stop medical concierge that links you up to the latest and best in health care and wellness in the finest medical hubs in Asia. From the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to the quaint heritage island of Penang, we pride ourselves in knowing where and how to craft that perfect and much needed trip to the best healthcare and wellness professionals with all the creature comforts that would make going to the doctors feel like a joyride in the park. Asia is currently the continent with some of the most sophisticated hospitals and specialists in the world, and whether you are looking for a full body health check or a well-timed facelift, you've got you covered.  Having over 40 years of continental explorations under our belt, we are certain that no one knows Asia quite like we do. 

Luxury Travel Concierge

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