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the shortlist 2019

Alila Anji

Anji in Zhejiang is famous for its scenic lakes and bamboo groves and now Alila Anji, a singularly exquisite vision that took root amidst the rolling hills of this enchanting locale. Comprising villas and rooms, the former accommodation are amongst the region's most luxurious, boasting over-sized marble bathrooms and plush living areas all elegantly accented with classical Chinese motifs.  Most alluringly, the villas all come with private patios that face the stunning composition of the hills and water one may describe as ethereal yet familiar. The delicacies of Anji are lovingly presented here, whether it be freshly dug bamboo shoots or a creative three-tier crammed with dim sums and dainties, and they are all wont to be savoured with the view. There is even a mahjung parlour with automatic tables set within glass rooms that might prove too distracting even for serious enthusiasts of the game.

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