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hotel eclat beijing

An art hotel is a bit of a conundrum at present because so many claim to be one. Is it a hotel with an emphasis to showcase art or is it an artful hotel that is itself the architectural canvass? At Hotel Eclat the benchmark is set at such a superlative height that chances are slim any laying claim to that term can match up by comparison. The notion of an art hotel is so singularly redefined by the gargantuan gumption of Hotel Eclat Beijing’s founder George Hwang to create a space so filled by art and the sublimities they convey, the line between museum and hotel has been melded under one conceptually soldered roof. Boasting a treasure trove of monumental pieces by the likes of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali and modern Chinese artists like Chen Wen Ling and Gao Xiao Wu, the open spaces here are lavishly filled with art just as the suites are set with luxurious inventories like grand pianos, LED lighted bathtubs and plush private pools installed with swim current machines.

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