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the peninsula hong kong

The grande dame of the Fragrant Port, a hospitality landmark that rose in stature just as Hong Kong evolved into its prime, The Peninsula Hong Kong is the mother vessel of all Peninsula hotels and the very emblem of the pinnacle luxury each and every one of them is expected to deliver. Straddling between old and new Hong Kong, the lobby wing is the cultural mainframe where traditions like the hugely popular afternoon tea and French fine dining at Gaddy's are still fastidiously maintained whilst the new tower, having emerged resplendently after its 2012 facelift, initiates guests into the stardust of the Hong Kong du jour, with plush suites dripping with luxe amenities and stunning harbour vistas. The Starck-clad Felix is still dishing out experimental fares and atmospheric attitudes in plain view of the Hong Kong panorama. The most cherished tradition here however, remains the sublime dedication to service. On average, a stay would acquaint guests to an average 50 years of service rendered by the wonderful staff who are all extensions of the Peninsula brand whether they be the pages, chauffeurs or patissiers. 

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