TOP BATH experienceS

Le concierge orient


Grand Deluxe Suite

The Peninsula Shanghai

Why It's #5

The original purveyor of the bath and TV setup in luxury hotels, this idea is well maintained with greater technological advancements at The Peninsula Shanghai.


Junior Suite

The Langham Shanghai Xintiandi

Why It's #4

A sumptuous wooden basin that looks more soup bowl that bath tub, this audacious vessel at The Langham Shanghai has added an appropriate dash of whimsy to the routine of bath.


Imperial Suite

Grand kempinski

Hotel Shanghai

Why It's #3

A good soak dripping with view is always a winsome formula for grand baths and here at the Grand Kempinski Shanghai few can resist the invitation to plunge at this luxurious soak in plain view of Shanghai's towering cityscape.


Indian Suite

Fairmont Peace Hotel

Why It's #2

In a heritage building that has witnessed Shanghai's ascent twice within the past century, the Fairmont Peace Hotel has amassed a wealth of nostalgia invested in its many suites, of which the Indian Suite is its most comely. A rose strewn bath within accompanied by music of the old jazz band is most irresistible.


Executive Suite

Wanda Reign

on the Bund

Why It's #1

If richness has a new skin then Wanda Reign on the Bund is the master couturier of this rehashed trend. Into its bath a considerable amount of thoughts and devotion has lathered up a vanilla soak so sublime yet simple, the accompanying gilt and sparkle only serve as froth on a delicious treat.