Le concierge orient


Sir Elly's Terrace

The Peninsula Shanghai

Why It's #3

Along the Bund, this is probably the best spot to see (the view mostly), and apparently, be seen.

What's Good

Champagne and gin cocktails


St Regis Bar

The St Regis

Shanghai Jingan

Why It's #2

A wonderfully sophisticated bar with a great cocktail selection boosted by bar grubs, the St Regis Bar resonates with an august yet inviting vibe for the parched and trendy.

What's Good

Mary Jing and the other Bloody Mary incarnations.


The Jazz Bar

Fairmont Peace Hotel

Why It's #1

An institution that has been staging the swing in Shanghai for decades, the members of the Old Jazz Band are all silver haired seniors who have been at it for eons. Night after night they kept company with patrons with unmatched dedication and passion for their music. A page of the city's history and heritage sits well and alive in the company of these uncommon artistes.

What's Good

Anything. The ambience itself is intoxicating.