Le concierge orient


Atrium Lounge

Marina Mandarin

Why It's #3

The beauty of this atrium has not diminished a bit over the past 30 years. A heady mix of architecture, live piano music and well-shaken cocktails make Atrium Lounge the spot to enjoy nightcaps and nostalgia.

What's Good

Mandarin Mohito, which alas was temporarily concocted to mark the hotel's 30th anniversary. We think it should definitely stay on the menu. 


Bob's Bar

Capella Singapore

Why It's #2

Alfresco nightspots are not uncommon in Singapore but for one that comes with a sea view amidst stunning resort elements, one can only head to Bob's Bar in Sentosa. Live singing and a general lack of crowd make an even more compelling case for this alternative nightspot.

What's Good

This joint prides itself after its home-made designer rums and the rum and Malbec loaded 'Doctor Strange' is highly recommended.


The Other Room

Singapore Marriott

Tang Plaza

Why It's #1

In a world that is always settling for mediocrity, we feel the need to reward those who reach for the stars. Within the Prohibition inspired confines of this hidden bar are great artisans honing their skills at ingestible alchemy, resulting in an astounding array of self-designed spirits and mixers, all concocted for want of that kick-ass cocktail. For that and more, The Other Room is #1.

What's Good

Gin & Tonic. Revitalised and revitalising.