The This-Is-Not-A-Blog Factor

Greetings from Le Concierge Orient.

Hailing from a completely different age, I harbour certain reservations on the point and validity of 'blogging' as we know it in the current context. It was barely 10 years prior when I presented my writing portfolio to my first editor at Prestige magazine and she was kind enough to accept my application for a travel/dining column called 'Capital Dining' that would be published across regional titles each month. Dear Kathy didn't conceal her expectations of her writers, and had made it clear to me that I was the latest replacement for a string of failed options. It was obvious to me that if I were unable to meet her marks I'd simply be a bench warmer for the next best candidate.

Those were the days when it meant something to be a published writer. It wasn't too long ago but the difference in perception nowadays is so drastic it is alarming to consider who the world turns to for information today.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with Kathy Herzig, a Tatler veteran who is also the founding editor of Prestige magazine, at the fore of my writing career. In fact I've managed to last into Kathy's predecessor's stint before moving on to collaborations with other great editors of the day like Marc Almargro of The Peak, Claire Hanson and Jane Ngiam of Singapore Tatler, Sakina Manaff of Harper's Bazaar and Kevin Lee of West East Magazine. They've all given me the wings I needed to traverse Asia and hone my skills on the intricacies of observation essential to good writing. In ten short years that special relationship between editors and writers has alarmingly fizzled into wisps as editorial budgets go up in smoke and hoteliers court a new breed of 'wordsmiths' - popular bloggers - for visibility.

It is not my intention to start an enterprise firing salvos at any particular group but I do feel that some clarity would be instrumental at setting the tone for this section of the site. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words; whilst we understand the logic behind this assertion and are committed to the production of stunning visuals, we also feel that a selfie of a scantily clad blogger posing vacantly in a posh resort hardly qualifies as travel journalism. At the core it isn't very classy at all.

So what I mean to convey here with this first post is that I am not a blogger and nothing we do here can define us as such. Our posts will center on the interesting and insightful bits of our travels as we snake through Asia to bring you meaningful contents on luxury voyages across the continent.

All subsequent posts will be informal, direct and humorous on all facets of travel with LCO.

A Capital Dining piece on Shanghai which back in those days exude an excitement generated by rapid developments and growth.

One of my last travel piece penned for FORM on designer hotels.