Bask In An Amazonian Rainforest? Really?

Just saw this article on a website that supposedly publishes travel features. Can't say I am impressed. In fact I am quite shocked at what gets published these days. I want to state for the record that it's not a very friendly thing to do for one publication to criticize another so openly but this is just too 'good' to pass up. Bad copies really get my goat.

1. All travel writers should know what is an onsen. Ignorance is inexcusable. Onsens by definition are bathing facilities that feature natural hot water from geothermal springs. In Japan there is a very clear distinction between onsen and sentō, which is a bathhouse that uses heated tap water. In any light this caption is simply gross misrepresentation, which aptly sums up this article.

2. Unless the writer is breaking into a song and dance routine, rendition is simply not the right word. We've been to Sofitel Sentosa, an excellent hotel with a +++ rating from us but its gardens are as Parisien as Clinton is POTUS. Parisians would suffer a mild stroke if you try and pitch this to them. Also, the hotel was built atop a modest cliff facing the Straits of Singapore. Even Superman won't be able to see South China Sea from the resort!

And FYI, this is what Jadin du Luxembourg looks like. Can you connect the two? Neither can we.

3. I don't know what people find exotic these days but in Sentosa we saw some peacocks, a couple of hornbills and zero lemurs. If bad copy is all it takes to recreate a biodiversity hotspot then let's all exercise our wishful thinking and call Sentosa the Galapagos. Also, this resort is probably steps away from the beach, since we assume this must be a beach front property.

And we learn new things everyday. Water can now be harvested from a hill, like wheat or really bad writers.

4. Does the writer have any clue how dense the Amazonian Rainforest is? Unless someone is willing to scale some 50m through the canopy, basking is not an option. And what on earth is a 'pseudo-African watering hole'? 2 free form pools in an uppity resort? Evidently, this writer likes to pepper her copy with 'flora and fauna' but we don't believe it's very reassuring to holiday makers to know their resort pool is surrounded by wild animals.

5. Bali is scarcely known for colonial architecture so this reference here is really quite bizarre. By now it is already quite clear the writer finds most of the resorts 'rustic' no matter how new and refined they are. Finally, the mental image of someone trying to catch the sunset 'amongst the crashing waves' (which no one is going to find in Sentosa) really cracked me up.