Rise and Shine @ Peninsula Tokyo

There are many ways to greet the dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun but let us recommend the best way we've discovered so far.

This has been a morning ritual we look forward to since we made acquaintance with it 10 years ago when the Pen Tokyo first opened its doors. Standing at the tip of Marunouchi overlooking the imperial palace on one side and downtown Tokyo on the other, the views of some rooms in this hotel is a poetic spectacle within a single frame, juxtaposing on one side the calm and serenity of the palace grounds with the sizzling energy of the concrete jungle of downtown Tokyo on the other end.

With rooms that open up to such a view it's only natural for all in-room actions to point towards that view. In room breakfast at the Peninsula Tokyo is thus a morning highlight one shouldn't miss when one is checked into this hospitality landmark 10 years in the making.

The star attractions of the in-room breakfast menu are many, with full Japanese, Chinese and Continental options, but we would like to recommend just two in this post. A slice of musk melon is such a quintessential Japanese luxury it should not be missed. The wood baked bagel with cream cheese, avocado and smoked salmon is probably the most delicious in the world and is definitely not to be missed.

Probably the best cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel!

A typical in-room breakfast spread @ Pen Tokyo.

The downtown Tokyo Station view from room 2302.

The serene imperial palace view from room 2302.