The Residence Maldives' House Reef is a Sea Turtle Haven and One of the Country's Most Beaut

The resorts of Maldives all boast of a common attraction - stunning visage of the Indian ocean with dreamy hues of blue unseen elsewhere. Under the azure surface however a storm brews.

2016 has been a disastrous year in terms of global warming with the highest temperatures recorded in many parts of the world. Warmer sea water has a deadly impact on reefs everywhere as corals bleach and die in this hazardous condition. In barely a year we've seen the reefs in many resorts across Maldives suffering the consequences of this environmental calamity.

Owing to the deep drops that surround the islands of Huvadhoo, the largest atoll in Maldives, the corals here are somewhat spared the devastation already widespread in the north. Over a stay at The Residence Maldives we were able to fully appreciate the delicate balance of nature where it is clear recovery is always a painfully slow, more tediously arduous process than destruction.

The Residence team pride their house reef as one of the best in the region and that we agree wholeheartedly. This island cradles a wonderful biodiversity including resident octopuses, eagle rays and the largest community of ridley and green turtles we've seen on a single inhabited island. At 12 meters the magic of the sea fully reveals itself with bursts of forms and a kaleidoscope of colours one can only dream of on dry terra.

The Residence Maldives complements the attractions of its house reefs with a plethora of pleasures proffered above the shimmering surface. Falhumaa, meaning flower in the Maldivian tongue, tempts with exquisite epicurean flavours whilst the Clarins Spa soothes the tired body with a range of pampering and restorative treatments.

A resident turtle cruises above the house reef (photo by Lynnette Chang)

Beautiful coral garden (photo by Lynnette Chang)

The Residence house reef teeming with rich sea life (photo by Lynnette Chang)

A baby black tip patrols its turf near to shore

Clarins Spa @ The Residence Maldives

Water pool villa @ The Residence Maldives