Constance Moofushi - Island of Plenty

A rather archaic dictate of what constitutes luxury circles around the curious constrict on options. At stuffy old quarters rebranded as historic grandees guests would often have to stick to strict dress codes and fixed meal times and order from heavy large menus with four rows of options. These fusses are invariably attributed to traditions or breeding but I've often wondered why people would pay through the roof just to be lorded through hoops and more hoops.

Modern sensibilities in today's hospitality sector are more attuned to personal preferences with just a hint of aristocratic decadence. In Maldives, most of the top luxury resorts often assign butlers to look after guests and design bespoke experiences to scintillating effects. Constance Moofushi however is a resort raised on a different orientation. The byword on this island is 'all-inclusive', a phrase rather at odds with entrenched luxury tenets but from our 3 nights stay we are happy to report that our time on the island has turned out to be one of our best experiences in Maldives.

While dining options can be veritable minefields in Maldivian resorts, on Moofushi the daily buffets, pleasantly varied but not eye-poppingly spectacular, are complemented by unlimited quantities of wine, beers and cocktails. In other words, free flow ambrosia. In a nightclub context this would probably lead to excessive horrors but on a beautiful island inhabited by families and honeymooners the freedom to indulge and imbibe at will is heavenly. Freedom from constraints to some might be construed as the ultimate luxury.

Given the stunning ambiance and sweltering Maldivian heat there is little reason why the taps are not constantly flowing at all hours except the reefs of Moofushi are also astoundingly beautiful and we went dry on most afternoons to clock some dives. It is such a joy to hover at such close proximity to the morays and mantas residing near the edge of the atolls.

Dining in isolation in front of U Spa is a treat the resort can arrange

Sunset and sunrise senior water villas

Senior water villa vista


Free flowing wines are an attraction on Moofushi. A good selection is proffered to guests FOC whilst premium labels and champagnes are charged separately.