Constance Halaveli Enters Our Maldives Top 10 List at #10

This round, we visited 12 splendid resorts in Maldives and concluded our trip at Constance Halaveli. From the air, the island looked like a jewel set in plush blue velvet. 59 water villas snake out into the lagoon via one of the longest jetty in Maldives. Our villa was a gorgeous water retreat close to the U Spa, both luxurious spots to calm the mind.

Even before we left the Maldives we had to decide which spas, restaurants, reefs and resorts will populate our Top 10 List. We've been to some wonderful establishments and while they are all fabulous in their own ways, there were only 19 openings on the list. We are glad Halaveli provided the calming lull needed before we arrive back in Singapore for endless rounds of DI, layouts and writing.

We remember Halaveli fondly for its gorgeous jetty that lights up like an ethereal runway at night. There are 3 restaurants on the island but our favourite dining moments were in the villa feasting on nasi goreng which were really authentically tasty. Like many parts of Maldives, its coral reefs suffered serious bleaching from last year's devastatingly hot weather and would take quite a while to mend, if it can at all.

If only we can all act decisively and collectively and take positive steps to stem carbon emission and rampant wastage, I believe many prominent environmental problems plaguing the world today can be effectually resolved. Easier said than done naturally, but we have to start somewhere quick.

For all its natural beauty and charms, Constance Halaveli is #10 on our inaugural Top 10 List Maldives.

Pool @ Constance Halaveli

Beach villa open air bath area

Destination dining on the beach