Contemporary Art Trove Dazzles @JW Marriott South Beach Singapore

A ripple of excitement hit Singapore when the Starck laden South Beach Hotel opened in 2015. Outrageously outfitted by the flamboyant designer, the 654 rooms property opened to rave reviews from design buffs and art savants.

Barely 24 months later the hotel takes centre stage once again as it was unveiled as the JW Marriott South Beach after a S$20 million renovation. Parts of the property remain works in progress as plans to breathe life into the heritage buildings fronting this development are slowly taking shape. The hotel building is totally operational and one does not walk through its entrance without reacting to the visual spectacles inhabiting the lobby space.

From the monumentally dazzling Lee Lee Nam wall installation to the quiet restraint of Botero's Woman on Horse, the lobby of what is now officially the world's most funky JW Marriott is a veritable exhibition on both art and panache. One simply cannot initiate check-in without first checking out the quiet Ju Ming sculpture contrasting against the fluid wall mural or wonder if those flickering flames from Starck's levitating candles are indeed real. Our favourite piece is Iain Nutting's Gorilla standing his ground at the hotel's entrance.

At first glance, it is already quite clear the conversation pieces in this stunning new landmark are vying for more than just your selfie diligences. They are a forceful announcement that art and power are well-rendered on this CDL invested mantelpiece.

Iain Nutting's Gorilla guarding the entrance to JW Marriott South Beach

Philippe Starck chandelier/installation viewed from level 2

Botero's Woman on Horse populates the art filled lobby

Ju Ming sculpture

A designer showcase @JW Marriott South Beach Singapore