Jason Godfrey Takes A Plunge @St Regis Singapore

Actor and TV host Jason Godfrey recently joined the ranks of our celebrity guest reviewers and checked himself into the St Regis Singapore for some much needed rejuvenation. I believe his account pretty much sums up what guests can expect at this fine property which is a strong contender for several awards on our Singapore Top 10 List.

"What a difference one day can make.

After shooting three days in a studio, eating bad studio food and staying in a cramped space with a tired crew, I found myself checking into the St Regis Singapore. The caring staff asked if I’d a long flight at check-in. I must have looked more fatigued than I thought.

Getting to my room, I knew that was about to change. A big soft bed, widescreen TV and a professional speaker system perked me up immediately. But even better was the bathroom with the luxe tub beckoning me to run the hot water, pour in some suds and have a soak. I know bath time isn’t usually what guys look for in a hotel room, but I was drained and had been showering for days in a shabby toilet where I had to kneel just to get under the water so bathing was a luxury I wouldn’t pass up. I also did a shoot with Le Concierge Orient in that tub so do look out for it.

And then there was the food.

Afternoon tea was an assortment of savoury and sweet dainties but the highlight for me was the chowder, a rich stew of seafood in a bowl covered by a fluffy light pastry. A pot of St Regis’ own blended tea put me in a relaxed state so I could nap until dinner.

Dinner was at Brasserie Les Saveur which serves modern French cuisine, and I was seated at a cozy alcove table giving the whole dinner a very private feel. The meal was a mix of appetiser options at the buffet table which features everything from sushi rolls to make your own Caesar—which I happily did, and a watermelon and feta salad which was the standout dish for me.

For the main dish I had selected the wagyu boeuf bourguignon which was slow cooked and served over a bed of mashed potato with a subtle gravy. The taste was sensational and the beef melted in my mouth. After that meal, I was ready to sleep. Perhaps you see a pattern emerging. Eat then sleep. But I like to break things up. So before bed, it was bath time again and I disappeared into the suds and bliss. It’s not a macho scene, but it’s the St Regis where it would be almost criminal for one to pass up on such indulgences."

Jason Godfrey

Life's a bath and we all need to soak in it

Jason Godfrey looking much refreshed after his restorative soak @St Regis

Seafood chowder @Brasserie Les Saveur, an afternoon tea highlight

3-tiers afternoon tea @Brasserie Les Saveur

Wagyu boeuf bourguignon

A sweet end to the evening - chocolate Millefeuille.