So Spa @Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa Surprises With Gourmet Wellness Cuisine Amidst Go

The tradition of luxuriating in a spa on Singapore's premier resort island goes back to the 90s when Sentosa began its metamorphosis from rustic haunt to international attraction. 5-stars resorts like The Beaufort made its entry early on and was renowned for its sensational spa which drew tourists and locals alike to its serene enclave.

Rebranded today as the So Spa since Sofitel took management of the property, the charming air of the spa, raised amidst a gorgeous colonial relic and enveloped in verdancy, is still intoxicating guests with the temporal relief it offers from the troubling world. An added attraction is a small dining outlet called The Garden which proffers healthy gourmet options to guests who might prefer sensible diets. Over two sittings, we are still rather surprised by how good the cuisine here actually is even though the restaurant feels like a secondary attraction to the main event.

Perusing a menu that offers varied options, we started with a lovely truffles infused mushroom consomme with chicken ravioli. It's interesting to note at this point that every item on the menu is listed with a calorie count which was blithely ignored. Impressed by the sirloin steak (a special arrangement in defiance of the healthy eating movement) that was grilled to perfection a year ago, I opted for the healthier grilled miso cod this round and was again blown away by how good it was. The texture of the cod, the primary appeal of the fish, was intact and perfectly infused with the subtle flavours of its miso marinate. It's not a complicated entree granted, but when one is so happily embraced by the tranquility of nature, simplicity is clever and sublime.

Sensational miso glazed cod @The Garden

Mushrooms consomme with truffles and ravioli

Desserts are allowed but assembled with a healthy bent. This was a 272 kcal yogurt parfait which was worth its weight in insecurities

Lovely nature all around @The Garden

Spa moments await after a meal @The Garden, Sofitel Sentosa Singapore