Special Review of Peach Blossoms @Marina Mandarin by Guest Reviewer Andrea De Cruz

The island-wide search for Singapore's best fine dining Chinese restaurant intensifies as we enter the advanced stage of our Top Ten List selection process. So far we have not been disappointed by the fine establishments we have already visited . As we close week three of our review circuit, we are very happy to be joined by Singapore's ageless sweetheart Ms Andrea De Cruz, our special guest reviewer @Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin Singapore and her husband Mr Pierre Png.

"Most Singaporeans would find Marina Square quite a business area better suited for business travelers. Coming here always reminds me of the days when this area was newly built and the FnB establishments here were all the height of sophistication. Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin is one of those fine restaurants that lasted till today and is a beloved haunt for many who cherish simple yet elegant Chinese food that's refined for the palate yet down to earth in flavours and presentation. Our review lunch consists of a beautifully plated appetiser medley with marinated jellyfish, mayonnaise shrimp and a deep fried yam dumpling. The next course for me was a double boiled chicken and mushrooms soup, which tasted flavoursome without being overpowering while my husband Pierre veered towards the wild side with a double-boiled crocodile soup, which he felt was delicious without the fishy notes one might associate with crocs and other game meat. The piece de resistance was the chilli crab with fried buns which was really fresh and tasty. I can savour the fresh ginger in the slightly tangy sauce without any obtrusive notes of spices. The next course was the Dong Po ribs, my favourite dish of the tasting menu. The robust flavours had fully penetrated the juicy rib which had a great texture and bite. A surprising dish that came after DP ribs was KL Hokkien Mee with Seafood made with real velvety hokkien noodles imported from Malaysia. The gravy was so dark and satisfying it really tasted like the real deal from the food alleys of Kuala Lumpur." Andrea De Cruz

Actress and entrepreneur Andrea De Cruz

Celebrity couple Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz

Appetiser medley

Double-boil crocodile soup

Chilli crab Peach Blossoms style

'Dong Po' rib

KL style seafood Hokkien mee