A Special Review Of Shang Palace @Shangri-la Singapore By Mrs Linda Soo Tan, Queen Of The Ladies Who

Like many of our shortlisted fine dining Chinese restaurant, Shang Palace is almost an institution amongst fans of Cantonese cuisine. It is therefore apt we invite a personality of gravitas to guest at our review session, and we are indeed honoured that society doyenne (more of a metaphorical butterfly or flower really based on her youthful presence) Mrs Linda Soo Tan agreed to join us at the renowned restaurant.

"I remember Shang Palace from years ago when pavilions stood in the middle of the restaurant giving it a very Chinoiserie ambiance. This was and still is the place we meet frequently to exchange notes on the happenings of the day. Naturally we've always enjoyed the dim sums here and even after the interiors now look completely different from before, the taste of the food, like the dim sum platter and the stir fried beef we sampled today, is still familiar and nostalgic. Moving along with time, all things must change and I am glad we can still come back here and not be disappointed with the service and the quality of the cuisine. Today I had thoroughly enjoyed the baked cod on egg white and the braised mee sua with crab claw, which although rather light in taste have excellent flavours. The 'Three Treasures of Shang Palace' - a trio of fancy desserts, is doubtlessly my favourite today. A crispy shell habouring a molten heart, I am particularly won over by the crispy sesame dumpling with chocolate truffles liquor which is irresistible with the right notes of tradition and innovation." Linda Soo Tan

Mrs Linda Soo Tan, society butterfly and queen of the ladies who lunch

Shang Palace dim sum platter

Double boiled fish maw soup with matsutake

Baked cod with barbecue honey sauce on egg white

Braised mee sua with crab claw

Dessert course - 'Three Treasures of Shang Palace'