Special Review Of Hai Tien Lo @Pan Pacific Singapore By Guest Reviewer Leonica Kei

In a bygone era, many top restaurants used to crown the buildings they are in, with some even designed to rotate, perhaps an obvious reference to dizzying heights attained. Hai Tien Lo was once such an establishment, but has since moved to the lower floors of The Pan Pacific Singapore to make way for the sensational Pacific Lounge now occupying the prime space by the tip of clouds. We were joined by Ms Leonica Kei, entrepreneur extraordinaire and Singapore's first certified woman Trichologist, at the Hai Tien Lo now closer to earth, who discerned that there was indeed no drop in the standard of the cuisine at this renowned restaurant.

"I remember that my friends used to come to this restaurant frequently for the view but for me it was the food that was more the draw for me. I remember enjoying the sweet sesame coated cashews with the excellent XO sauce while waiting for the dishes we ordered to arrive and I must say both are still very good after today's sampling. We had some lovely dim sums which are truly representative of the chef's skills but I am most impressed with the steamed perch with 2 sauces and crispy fish skin. As a typical Teochew I like my fish fresh and simply prepared and the taste and texture of this fish is perfect. The braised bean curd is another dish I've enjoyed tremendously as although seemingly simple, it's most telling of a chef's ability to balance flavours and textures. As I really like the texture of tofu, the home made bean curd with bird's nest is a lovely sweet end to a really lovely meal." Leonica Kei

Ms Leonica Kei, guest reviewer @Hai Tien Lo

A trio of Dim Sums

Double boiled soup

Braised bean curd with minced pork and mushrooms

Steamed sea perch with crispy fish skin

Home made tofu with bird's nest