Special Review Of Wan Hao @Marriott Tang Plaza By Guest Reviewer Dr June Rin

Saving the best for last may be one of life's most inexplicable pursuits but with the drum-roll now audible for the announcement of our Singapore Top 10 List, it may be safe to assume that our last few reviews might be reserved for some of our top honourees.

Might, being the operative word.

We are nonetheless extremely thrilled that Dr June Rin, one of society's most esteemed fashionista and gourmand, was able to join us on our last review session this season at Wan Hao, a long established Cantonese stalwart with a young chef at its helm quite enthusiastic to stir up some culinary surprises.

"Upon sampling the appetisers prepared by chef Brian Wong today, I have an inkling that this might be the place I can recommend to those who loves updated yet familiar classics of Chinese cuisine. The Iberico pork char siew resting on pickled cherries was well paired but I was more enamoured by the meticulously shaped breaded tofu with black truffles mayonnaise which was quite a departure from the usual treatments. The next dish was a very luxurious stewed bird's nest with egg white and conpoy served with a rich consomme on the side, which I must say was such an expert study of textures and flavours. The stewed dried abalone, a classic many could not master, was simply incredible and true to old methods. The mandarin orange infused pork ribs was also cleverly updated with the tang and piquancy of citrus. Moving on to the second last course of braised lobster rice, I am more than convinced I will definitely be coming back to Wan Hao with others for more of its outstanding old-new deliveries. Dessert was a trio of pastries and jellies, visually pleasing, delicately flavoured and doubtlessly conceptualised with innovation in mind." June Rin

Dr June Rin, esteemed fashionista and gourmand

A trio of appetisers

Braised bird's nest with egg white and conpoy

Braised dried abalone

Braised pork ribs with mandarin orange

Braised lobster rice

A trio of desserts