Indonesian Socialite and Art Savant Patty Kaunang Joins us @Oku, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski as Guest

To explore a sprawling city like Jakarta, connections are everything. We are therefore extremely fortunate that one of Indonesia's most luminous socialite has availed herself to join us at one of the city's top restaurants to aid in our selection of Jakarta's top gourmet experiences. Over drinks and dinner at Oku at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Ibu Patty shared with us her thoughts on Chef Kazumasa Yazawa's refined cuisine.

'I love Japanese food and although there are many good Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, Oku is one of my favourites. The menu here features only top quality ingredients like the freshest seafood for sushi and sashimi as well as premium wagyu beef, and when applied with the innovative skills of Chef Yazawa, we get to enjoy really divine flavours that rival the best of Japan. I am particularly in love with 2 dishes that are the signature creations of the chef - Oku Karage and the Ajitama - simple entrees of braised egg and fried chicken that are so elevated in taste and presentation they attest greatly to the culinary abilities of the chef. '

Indonesian socialite and art savant Patty Kaunang


Fresh urchin with carviar on seaweed cracker

Kaisen Chawanmushi

Spirited concoctions at Oku Bar