My Favourite Things - LCO Christmas List 2017

Another year passes, another one has begun.

In this monumental year for us at LCO, we have launched 3 inaugural Top 10 Lists with 2 more to be announced in January 2018. In other words, we have reviewed over 150 hotels, restaurants and spas in this year alone. Naturally, we have accumulated quite a rich list of our favourite things to share with all our readers and followers at the close of such a fabulous year. With this list, we would like to wish you and your close ones best of the season laden with all your favourite things.

Blessed Holidays and a have Grand New Year ahead.

Understated elegance takes festive centerstage at Puli Hotel, Shanghai China.


Parma Ham Mooncake, Marriott Tang Plaza, Singapore

The Perfect blend of old and new, this delightful confection caught us by surprise and stole our heart.


The Peninsula Shanghai, China

A stunning blue gem tastefully raised in Greco-Roman style, with which so much can go wrong but didn't. The skylight is especially alluring.


MyBed, Sofitel Hongqiao, Shanghai China

Staff leave 'Heartistic' creations on the bed to bid one sweet dreams but it's the extremely soft and plush bedding that sends one off to bliss land.


Alila Anji, Zhejiang China

With stunning views all round notwithstanding, the folks at Alila really know how to translate the scenary into unforgettable memories.


Auriga Spa, Capella Singapore

One of the best spas in the region, Auriga Spa is all about blissful perfection.


Henshin, Westin Jakarta, Indonesia

The tallest nightspot in the Indonesian capital where the thirst for bigger, flashier, taller is insatiable, Henshin is the latest landmark for style makers on the ascent.


Braised Beef, Le Chinois @ Sofitel Hongqiao, Shanghai China

A slab of beef so deceptively simple, a mouthful of this national grade dish is bound to send one into gastronomical raptures.


Indian Suite, Fairmont Peace Hotel, Shanghai China

Steep in history and gorgeously restored, this resplendent suite is a window into the decadent past with stories to tell at every turn.


Vanilla Bath, Wanda Reign on the Bund, Shanghai China

It takes 2 'bath specialists' to lather up this tub of joy, an experience doubtlessly heightened by the golden taps and jade flooring that collectively spell the age of excess in modern China.


Under the sea, Constance Moofushi, South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Nothing feels more free than to be one with nature, and the stunning reef teeming with life on this island makes one a boy again, ever curious and ever delighted by the sights and surprises of the blue realm.