Special Review of Fairmont Peace Hotel by Guest Reviewer Lynn Lin

Over a period stretching 45 days, we visited and reviewed more than 50 of Shanghai's best hotels, restaurants and spas to select the winners of our inaugural Shanghai Top 10 list. We are extremely honoured to be joined by Lynn Lin, president of the Shanghai Yatai Women Golf Team (上海亚太女子高尔夫球队)and one of the city's most captivating personalities over at Fairmont Peace Hotel, who is full of praises for the iconic hotel.

"The Fairmont Peace Hotel is such a famous landmark of Shanghai that it is packed with tourists at any given day of the week. The atmosphere here is historic and grand, like a page of our history preserved for generations to enjoy. The Jazz Bar is a must visit for a taste of a bygone era but I particularly enjoy sipping tea at the elegant Jasmine Lounge with live piano music to while away a carefree afternoon. Many old suites here have been lovingly restored from their original designs; I love the grandeur of the Sassoon Suite and the elegance of the Japanese Suite but my favourite is the Indian Suite. It is luxuriously decorated and such an exotic space to call home in the Pearl of the Orient."

Lynn Lin photographed at the Japanese Suite, Fairmont Peace Hotel

Japanese Suite, Fairmont Peace Hotel

Indian Suite, Fairmont Peace Hotel