Cap your Lunar New Year Celebrations with Spa Day at Auriga Spa and Drinks at Bob's Bar

The Lunar New Year festivities are finally coming to an end and before we face the new year with all its challenges, I would highly recommend a day at Capella Singapore, #1 Top 10 Luxury Hotel Singapore, where one can luxuriate amidst the natural elements of Sentosa and indulge at the best spa the island has to offer.

Arriving at 3pm for a refreshing drink by the pool would initiate the pampering ritual, and after 90 mins thereabouts one can head to Auriga Spa to enjoy the hydro facilities before a 90 mins treatment. Opt for any of the 4 Moon inspired massages but one can also just point out to the therapist your sore spots and let her customise the treatment. Hot stones were incorporated into my Waning Moon massage for better relief of muscle tensions and it's amazing what a short time with the experienced hands of my therapist can do to lift weeks of hard work ushering in the new year.

The best things to follow a wonderful spa session would be the full bodied cocktails at Bob's Bar at around sunset. The milieu of a tropical sunset is best enjoyed with a White Flora, a zesty ginger and rum concoction that must have been inspired by the many allures of this tropical haven.

Auspicious and pampering at the same time

Hydro facilities are restorative features at Auriga Spa

Fantastic spa products at Auriga Spa

Sensational cocktails at sunset @ Bob's Bar