4 Wellness Treatments Every Frequent Traveler Should Swear By

Whether on business or leisure, frequent travelers all face the same elements that take a toll on one's constitution. Considering the time one spends on a trip, from packing to final touchdown, with all the hazardous exposures in-between, the journey usually ends with a trip to wellness after one unpacks back home.

From hectic itineraries to the notoriously dry cabin air to the difference in water quality as well as sanitary disparity across the globe, a frequent traveler always feel worse for wear in between trips. Here are 4 outstanding wellness treatments based in Singapore (2 with branches in Hong Kong) I have personally reviewed and would recommend for folks constantly crossing time zones and geographical boundaries.

Hair health is often overlooked by frequent travelers but one can always head to Leonica K Trichology in Singapore for a consultation and restorative treatment.

Frequent Traveler Hair Treatment @ Leonica K Trichology


390 Orchard Rd #03-08/09 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871

Your hair is highly reflective of your health and also most susceptible to negative impacts. When one travels, changes in weather, the hardness of water, air pollution as well as unclean sheets can all cause detriment to the scalp and affect hair health. Leonica Kei, a London trained trichologist with over 20 years of experience in the field has formulated a rage of customised serum and shampoos to treat scalp inflammation and hair loss. Based on one's hair condition after a consultation, a frequent traveler treatment at her practice on Orchard Road in Singapore would include scalp massage with anti-inflammation hair mask, deep cleansing hair wash, infra red treatment and tonic application. A session would also include a travel sized customised shampoo and conditioner set.

Youth Restore Facetherapy @ Prive Aesthetics


390 Orchard Rd Renaissance #03-02 390 Orchard Road Singapore 238871

For a frequent traveler, the lack of rest, difference in humidity, dryness and pollution can all affect a clear countenance. The facetherapy treatment at Prive Aesthetics uses the patented Calecim® serum and multi-action cream to rejuvenate the skin. This revolutionary product utilises a unique high concentration protein mix from umbilical cord extract to restore skin to its youthful state and natural renewal cycle. The session starts with deep cleansing, blackhead removal before the serum is massaged on, followed by a wolf berry mask and LED light therapy with 4 kinds of wavelengths to resolve complicated skin anomalies. Packed with cytokines proteins, amino acids and peptides, this treatment reduces fine lines and inflammation whilst restoring elasticity and fullness.

Photo from Prive Clinic

Laser Teeth Whitening @ Smile Inc Dental Surgeons


333A Orchard Road #04-18 Mandarin Gallery Singapore 238897

309, 3/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

With hectic itineraries and a penchant for gourmet over-indulgence, frequent travelers tend to neglect dental care when they are on the road. Over time, the teeth tend to suffer with possible afflictions like cavities, gingivitis and extrinsic stains. While a thorough teeth cleaning every 6 months is normally recommended, one can also opt for express teeth whitening at Smile Inc Dental Surgeons with their laser teeth whitening treatment incorporating the latest laser technology that requires just 60 minutes to render the teeth a few shades whiter. This painless and straight-forward non-invasive procedure produces visible results immediately after one bounces off the dentist chair.

Bastien Duo Mani-Pedi @ Bastien Gonzalez, St Regis Singapore


Remede Spa, The St Regis Singapore, 29 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247911

Nail treatments may have become routine pampering these days but the treatments offered by celebrity podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez operate on quite another level altogether. At his installation at the St Regis Singapore, one receives full cuticle attention with fastidious trimming before the nails are expertly cut, shaped and polished with a diamond drill and buffed with mother of pearl cream and nourishing oils. For a frequent traveler forever on the move, the Duo mani-pedi treatment here takes away the obvious signs of neglect as well as rectify anomalies like flaky soles and in-grown nails, horrors that tend to develop assiduously when one is forever on the road.