After a Year of Unprecedented International Attention, Capella Singapore Announces Extensive Renovat

​Like the Lion City, the ultra luxurious Capella Singapore was tremendously golden in 2018 as it was the spot where Trump and Kim held their talks. As the stunning hotel celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, it offers more than a glimpse on what sets a hotel truly a class above the rest by being ready for the next 10 years with newly announced renovation plans.

A frothy white colonial edifice raised in the 19th century, this former British army barracks stood derelict for over 100 years before it was developed and restored as the Capella Singapore by renowned architect Norman Forster who added a strikingly modern curved structure to the colonial buildings that now front the property. Few hotels can boast of such heritage value on an international scale, and there are even lesser that have survived the development process to emerge grander than before.

Entering its ten year milestone, even a hotel like Capella Singapore needs to take stock and reinvent itself to suit the present time and age, and work towards renewed interests. Before age and all the design inadequacies of the past decade begin to manifest significantly, the management has now set into motion extensive renovation plans which will be executed very soon for a complete face lift. The recently renovated Capella Manor offers strong persuasion for another decade of excellence for the property, at least design wise.

Offering larger than life retreats unafforded by any other hotels in the region, the Capella Singapore has 11 manors ranging from 391 sqm to 524 sqm that are fit for royalties and celebrities (like Madonna and Lady Gaga) setting up court in Singapore. Out of the 11 stunning furnished manors, the 2 colonial manors, impeccably designed by the late Jaya Ibrahim, are actually century old houses granted conservation status in Singapore. Each manor has 3 bedrooms, a full service kitchen, a generous-sized pool and palatial interior dripping with views of the surrounding greens. The spanking new Capella Manors, light drenched 2 floor sanctuaries built to wow the ‘unwowables’, are currently my dream accommodation.

On a personal note, I would like to see Capella’s Bob’s Bar, a criminally underrated drinking hole with its own bosun call and fabulous Negronis concocted from barrel-aged rum, more discovered and lauded this year. This is the fabulous spot where one can sit within acres of unspoiled nature and relax with a drink in hand while watching the golden sun setting over the shimmering sea, and quite imagine that this isn't Singapore.

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