LCO Portrait - @Four Seasons Langkawi with Nana Au Chua

Mother, entrepreneur and philanthropist, these are just some of the hats worn by Singaporean socialite Nana Au Chua who seems to stretch her 24 hours longer than most of us. We caught up with this highly accomplished individual at the Four Seasons Langkawi and got some insights on what keeps her grounded and what makes her soar.

Nana Au Chua, COO Million Lighting photographed at Four Seasons Langkawi. Photos by Cedric Tan. Digital imaging by Chee Au

I have known Nana Au Chua for over 15 years. Back in those days when we used to just brush past each other at events, I've already noticed something arresting about her - her graceful poise, easy style and inimitable manners have kept her as one of the most popular and admired society hostesses in Singapore.

'Work is challenging but it is also rewarding. To be able to grow a business to the next level takes hard work and exacts a certain toll but at the end of the day, you can feel good about your accomplishments.'

Over the next 15 years, Au Chua came to the fore of the social scene with even more accomplishments. She was able to lead her family business, Million Lighting, to the top of its field even as motherhood unfurled as she now has three in her brood. A philanthropist with an uncommon passion for the less fortunate, Au Chua is personally involved in several fund raisers, including the Garden City Fund, Kidz Horizon Appeal, Bone Marrow Donor Program and the National Gallery Singapore.

'I may be a sociable person but I am also very private. My family is my focus and their needs always come first. I enjoy the challenges at work but it is always what you come home to that matters. I enjoy family life and all the joy it brings.'

Recently she adopted the international NGO Soles4Souls as the company's corporate charity. Tireless in her effort to help, Au Chua had personally called contacts to ramp up the figures for her shoes drive, which eventually amounted to 200,000 pairs that were distributed to the poor in several developing countries. She also led her staff to India last year to distribute the shoes they had collected.

'When I travel I explore through the lenses. The kind of intimate insights captured by a camera click is amazing because it is open to much scrutiny and interpretations. A picture also lasts so much longer than a trip!

Instagram Post @nanaauchua

'Travel and photography are currently my 2 greatest passions. To be able to combine them with my charity commitments is highly gratifying.'

With all that is on her plate, Au Chua still finds time to travel and indulge in her other passion - photography. A skilled lenswoman, Au Chua is highly interested in street and nature photography. Clearly an incredibly consummate individual with the grit and determination of an Amazonian, Au Chua deserves her successes in life especially given her gentle disposition and generosity of spirit.

'I like to be of service to others and make a difference to their life. My father was a very giving person and contributed a lot to society. I’d like to think that I inherited this trait from him.'

Notes - Special thanks to Four Seasons Langkawi for hosting the stay and facilitating the shoot.

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