LCO Travel Launches Langkawi Best Hotels

A list that took 12 months to compile, Langkawi Best Hotels is inhabited by only 3 resorts from Malaysia's definitive holiday island and they represent not just the creme of the destination, but are possibly the region's best luxury hideaways.

The resplendent Datai reopens its doors after a year long renovation hiatus to remodel all its rooms and villas.

Boasting impeccable service and some of the most luxurious accommodations the country has to offer, The Datai, The Ritz Carlton Langkawi and The Four Seasons Langkawi had emerged as the triumvirate of Malaysian hospitality at a time where new hotels are sprouting across the country like wood ears after a spring rain.

A splendid courtyard at the Four Seasons Langkawi

From a sleepy duty free island in the 80s to the sophisticated playground of well-heeled earth huggers today, Langkawi has come a long way from the time the first batch of resorts entered the island. To recall, The Datai was opened in 1993, followed by the Four Seasons in 2005 and the Ritz Carlton in 2018, whilst fortunately, not much has changed on the island that boasts of rock formations that date back to the Cambrian period.

The Ritz Carlton Spa, Langkawi

A lush haven that presents close calls with hornbills, snakes, sea eagles and langurs, Langkawi is the perfect spot to retreat into nature, and what better ways to do that than to check into the best luxury resorts the island has to offer?

Fiery sunset and cocktail at Horizon, Ritz Carlton Langkawi

We have also invited Ms Nana Au Chua, COO of Million Lighting and a tireless philanthropist to join us at the Four Seasons Langkawi to share some insights on how she balances her time with her work, family and the charities she supports.

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Ms Nana Au Chua, COO Million Lighting, photographed at Four Seasons Langkawi