Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, we visit the Tokyo Skytree for its definitive views

From the day the Tokyo Skytree sprouted from its spot in Tokyo's downtown Sumida ward in 2012, it has become the new definitive landmark for the Japanese capital. As the world's tallest tower, this neofuturistic structure was raised through cutting age technology coupled with ancient architectural wisdom based on Japan's historic Nikko Toshogu pagoda that has withstood centuries of earthquakes.

The imposing Tokyo Skytree

The glittering tower at night

A broadcasting tower, Tokyo Skytree is also a lifestyle address with a fabulous restaurant at its crown as well as shopping mall as its annex. Here are some of the best ways one can enjoy this modern Babel while traipsing through the city.

1. A Dining High

A creative bento box of starters at Sky Restaurant Musashi

There are several dining options at the top levels of the Tokyo Skytree but for an experiential high, one must head to Sky Restaurant 634 where stunning views and delicious 'modern Japanese' cuisine awaits. The restaurant serves inventive dishes with traditional Japanese accents that score on both taste and presentation.

2. The Asakusa Contrast

Old and new are juxtaposed from Asakusa's historic quarter

Tokyo's famed Asakusa district is only a stone's throw from Tokyo Skytree but present quite another world altogether. Replete with old shopping alley and the singular Sensoji, the pagodas here contrast starkly with the glittering tower in a distance and clearly presents Japan's capital as a heady meld of the old and new.

3. Of Brews and Views

Tokyo's best brew complements its best views

The gorgeous sparkle of the Skytree at night presents a most treasured view. One of the best places to catch the Skytree illumination is at the Skytre View Restaurant REN at the Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo. From a window seat that is perched right before the tower, the view sells by itself (as the restaurant's name suggests) even though the modern Japanese cuisine here is superbly rendered. Beer and sake also enhance one's appreciation of the stunning visage.

4. Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bath with a view at the Suite of the Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo is a business class hotel in the Sumida ward with a secret weapon - although most of its rooms come with a Skytree view, up on its executive floor is a stupendous unlisted suite raised in such splendour it is easily one of the most coveted addresses in Tokyo. Inside this little palace is a bath that comes with a 'private view' of the Skytree. One can only imagine the sort of pleasures such a view, and amenity, could inspire.

5. From Top Down

The shadow of the Tokyo Skytree cast over the Sumida ward viewed from the observation deck

Finally, there is no better way to feel the euphoria of such a Babel than to be in it. From its crown, one can gawk at the confounding landscape of downtown Tokyo that stretches from Sumida all the way to Mt Fuji on a clear day. While inside the tower, one can also marvel at the advancement of Japanese technology, from the flamboyantly themed elevators to the intricate design of the tower.