LCO Travel - Chengdu Best Luxury Hotels

From centuries old manors to looming skyscrapers, Chengdu’s rapid advance as China’s tier one destination has led to the proliferation of luxury hotels across the historic city. Here are some of the best hotels to check into when one visits the Szechuan capital.

As development in Chengdu rises up the sky, luxury hotels sprout across the city in haste

Temple House

Once an elegant courtyard residence for Qing dynasty officials, the Temple House is today a hospitality landmark in China with rooms and suites that feature sumptuously eclectic interiors. Service orientation at this premier address is top notch ask-and-you-shall-receive, and always delivered with a smile. Tivano, a trendy restaurant that serves fabulous Italian cuisine, further augments this superb hotel at the top of the crop. A masterful blend of old time elegance and modern age comforts spells success and acclaim for this Swire trophy.

Wanda Reign Chengdu

Restrain is not a concept that resonates with the Chinese and out of the sheer will to trump down competition with a luxury quotient that is insanely over the top, Wanda Reign Chengdu was raised dripping with glare and sparkle from massive crystal chandeliers and 10 meters high carved jade walls. The suites are exceptionally plush with massage chairs and decadent bathrooms decked with mother of pearl details and 24k gold taps. River Drunk is an all suite dining enclave that serves artfully presented Huaiyang cuisine complemented by Chinese teas that cost a mini ransom.

Fairmont Chengdu

One of the latest entrant to Chengdu’s bustling hospitality sector, Fairmont Chengdu is prudently planted at the rapidly developing Tianfu New Area. The luxury details of the property are not lost to keen eyes - white jade slabs subtly embellish the bathrooms and modern Chinese art generously adorn the space. An assortment of restaurants offer tempting Japanese and Chinese cuisine to guests in an area not yet thriving with options. When the spectacularly wrought Manhattan opens in summer this year, this split-level monolith replete with cigar suites and a massive dance floor will redefine the nightlife of Chengdu.

JW Marriott Chengdu

In many ways JW Marriott Chengdu is already an exemplary model of what the JW Marriott brand espouses - classical decor, functional designs and an understated sense of luxury much embraced by the corporate tribe. Particularly outstanding aspects of this property are its spacious and stylish executive suites, all installed with glittering city vistas from the living area to the bathroom, and its Man Ho restaurant that dishes out superbly prepared Cantonese and Szechuan entrees that are familiar and comforting.

Ritz Carlton Chengdu

Raised tall and shiny, the handsome facade of this Ritz Carlton prepares one for what to expect from a stay. Service here is an impeccable coup, from the porters who initiate a fabulous check-in to the housekeeping team that adroitly renders a room spotless. The rooms and suites may not be as large as newer entrants, but they are comfortable and plush. Li Xuan is a stunning restaurant serving top notch Cantonese and Szechuan favourites and the spa is an inviting space for massages and hydro-relaxation.

Diaoyutai Chengdu

Located within the famed Broad and Narrow Alley, a historic enclave in Chengdu once reserved for favoured officials of the Qing emperor, the hospitality space of Diaoyutai was carved from two blocks of handsome grey brick villas and injected with eclectically attuned interiors wrought through the hands of French designers and Chinese artists. Beautiful accents left untouched are the graceful tiled roofs and the artfully restored wooden lattice doors.

St Regis Chengdu

St Regis Chengdu, not unlike several of its siblings within mainland China, was conceived along a classical and minimalist bent that resulted in a lobby and suites that are not expectedly plush but not quite meaningfully stark. This design disconnect from the St Regis branding isn’t alarmingly glaring, as wonderful butler service (royal accents in luggage packing), central location (in the middle of the downtown Jinjiang area) and sterling FnB offerings (evening cocktails with live jazz singer who encourages you to sing along) offer good persuasions for travellers none too exacting on conceptual forms.