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the shortlist 2019

Capella Sanya

Blessed Bay where Capella opened just 6 months ago is Hainan's destination du jour, with splendid coastlines and an interior still sheltering rustic old villages and bucolic scenes. Capella Sanya, currently the brand's pride and joy, boasts of breathtaking designs and immensely luxurious details that is setting the bar far beyond Hainan's shores. The architecture, wrought through the mastery of Jean-Michel Gathy, is a plexus of expansive structures interfused by lush landscaping credited to Bill Bensley. All guests enter the property via the eye-popping water feature that frames both the sky and its reflection. Inhabiting generously sized rooms and cloistered private villas bathed in plush earthy tones, guests will find that Capella Sanya is a coastal retreat versatilely designed for both romance and the family. 

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