Le concierge orient


Le Bar

Sofitel Singapore

Sentosa Resort & Spa

Why It's #5

A sitting within the bright colonnade of Le Bar, sampling a medley of scrumptious French dainties presented in a pretty jewelry case, might be the very essence of joie de vivre to some, at least until le cocktail hour.


Atrium Lounge

Marina Mandarin


Why It's #4

Having 30 odd years to refine its profferings at tea time, the folks helming Atrium Lounge know exactly what whets the appetite every weekend (only) between noon and dusk when the light seeping into the atrium is divine and the temptation to sip is irresistible. 


Brasserie Les Saveurs

St Regis Singapore

Why It's #3

The team at Brasserie Les Saveurs knows how to balance refinement with the allure of plenty so a sitting at tea time here is always a fulfilling experience for the palate via an ample three tier, a hot pastry dish and a buffet spread of delectable hors d'oeuvres, all served with panache. 


Marriott Cafe

Singapore Marriott

Tang Plaza

Why It's #2

Marriott Cafe has trumped the other competitors in this category solely with its sterling, determined delivery on food that resonates. Packed everyday at tea time, guests are invariably drawn to its epic buffet spread of Singaporean staples like satay, chye tow kuey, otak, fried chicken wings and more. This isn't a unique formula granted, but it's a winning one.


Chef's Table

Capella Singapore

Why It's #1

There aren't many places in Singapore where one can enjoy afternoon tea without having to share the space with dozens of strangers, or select tea from a melange of exotic blends at tables spritely dressed with roses and hydreangeas. At Chef's Table, the staging is so elaborate and thoughtful, the succession of tasty savouries, sweets and piping hot scones served with mascarpone cheese actually pales in comparison to the great care taken by the staff to ascertain a regal touch to this luxurious tradition, sitting for tea. The bar is so high, none comes close.