TOP fine dining chinese restaurantS

Le concierge orient


Shang Palace

Shangri-la Singapore

Who's In Charge

Chef Steven Ng

Why It's #9

An entrenched favourite with the social set, Shang Palace is the quintessential dim sum haunt to exchange notes on les scoop du jour.

What's Good

The dim sums here are safe bets but we thoroughly enjoyed the innovative desserts, especially the crispy sesame dumpling with chocolate truffle liquor.


Yan Ting

St Regis Singapore

Who's In Charge

Chef Lim Chong Kai

Why It's #8

A cosy and contemporary space more art deco than chinoisserie, Yan Ting is a firm favourite amongst connoisseurs of classic Cantonese cuisine.

What's Good

The braised sea maw soup is one of the top draw here. The braised abalone is also very good.


Hai Tian Lo

Pan Pacific Singapore

Who's In Charge

Chef Lai Tong Ping

Why It's #7

Once a revolving restaurant with stunning bay views, Hai Tian Lo is now at level 3 of the Pan Pacific but remains extremely popular with the corporate crowd.

What's Good

The tea pairing menu where exotic blends are served with steamed sea perch and braised bean curd is rather original.



Capella Singapore

Who's In Charge

Chef Lee Hui Ngai

Why It's #6

A stunning space raised within a heritage building, this Andre Fu designed restaurant exudes a grand air well complemented by the updated Cantonese classics it serves.

What to Order

The truffles char siew buns and yam spring rolls are the crowd-pleasers while the braised fish maw soup and braised tofu with truffle and monkey head mushrooms are simply sublime.


Peach Blossoms

Marina Mandarin


Who's In Charge

Chef Chong Wui Choong

Why It's #5

Bright and spacious, Peach Blossoms is an elegant fine dining restaurant serving contemporary Cantonese cuisine with a generous dash of Singaporean flavour.

What's Good

Crabs can be prepared 7 ways here with chilli crab the unsurprising best-seller. The 'Dong Po' rib is simply fabulous.


Man Fu Yuan InterContinental


Who's In Charge

Chef Kwan Yiu Kan 

Why It's #4

An old time favourite with aficionados of true blue Yue flavours, Man Fu Yuan has been dishing out classical Cantonese delights since 1995 and has remained a creative force for Yue cuisine locally.

What's Good

Dims sums here are truly exquisite as are old style Cantonese fares like braised abalone with goose webs. Delicious delights like the double boiled lobster soup in pumpkin and bird's nest with shredded coconut show a fine balance of old methods with new ingredients.



The Fullerton Hotel


Who's In Charge

Chef Leong Chee Yeng

Why It's #3

This newly renovated restaurant, once part of the GPO of Singapore, is now a repository of traditional flavours befitting the building's national monument status. From delightful hand-crafted dim sums to elaborate double boiled soups infused with exquisite flavours, Jade has been honouring the traditions of Yue cuisine with innovative refinements on both flavours and presentations.

What's Good

The quintessentially Cantonese soups here are packed with flavour and goodness. Sauteed Wagyu beef with garlic and black pepper is heavenly. Egg noodles with Boston lobster and XO sauce is a chef's specialty which should not be missed.


Wan Hao

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

Who's In Charge

Chef Brian Wong

Why It's #2

The evolution of Wan Hao as an old Cantonese establishment has entered a new age with innovative dishes that are as visually stunning as they are palatable. Clearly some classical dishes have been updated with modern touches but the dedication to traditional methods remains respectfully intact, resulting in tastes that are surprising but nonetheless sublime.

What's Good

Familiar Yue classics like the braised dried abalone and egg white with scallops are excellently prepared here. The pork ribs with mandarin orange sauce, stewed birds nest with egg white and conpoy superior soup and the deep fried beancurd with black truffle mayonnaise are new signatures one shouldn't miss. The deep fried taro dumpling with mini abalone is sublime.


Li Bai

Sheraton Towers Singapore

Who's In Charge

Chef Chung Yiu Ming

Why It's #1

For decades, Li Bai's reputation as the exemplary Cantonese fine diner has remained unmarred as it holds steadfastly true to the traditions and essence of Yue cuisine with superb dim sums and perennial favourites that are refined, not revised. The grand service provided by obvious old hands is also very impressive, this being the only Chinese restaurant we've visited that hangs a gentleman's jacket on a standing rack upon seating.

What's Good

The braised abalone and egg white with scallops here are top notch versions in Singapore. The Peking duck is resolutely old-school and optioning the meat for an egg white and conpoy fried rice is the way to go. The neatly pleated Xiao Long Bao is also very good. Vegetarian dishes has its own menu here and the double-boiled soup in Japanese pumpkin is infused with fabulous flavours.