TOP gourmet experienceS

Le concierge orient


The Knolls

Capella Singapore

Why It's #5

Elegant restaurant with an extensive local-continental menu designed to keep one on the island. Coupled with thoughtful service that emphasizes details, one would be quite happy to.

What to Order

The claypot rice is astonishingly, authentically good.


Clifford Pier

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Why It's #4

Clifford Pier is a restored heritage landmark bathed in natural light in the day and infused with grand elegance at night. A sitting here is an experience on its own.

What to Order

Bah Chor Mee. Costs 10 times its street value but it's so tasty it's award worthy. 


The Garden

Sofitel Singapore

Sentosa Resort & Spa

Why It's #3

This little-known treasure tucked away at the corner of So Spa ​is extremely under the radar but serves up unexpectedly grand and wholesome gourmet delights. 

What to Order

We love the Miso grilled cod but understand that the menu has since been updated at press time.


Rang Mahal

Pan Pacific Singapore

Why It's #2

This is probably one of the most beautiful restaurants in Singapore dishing out cuisine and service fit for Maharajahs.

What to Order

The Tandoori meats and curries were all irresistibly good but we reserve our highest praise for a simple yet fabulous cauliflower and truffles soup. 



Shangri-la Singapore

Why It's #1

Shangri-la's latest Japanese sensation is a winner from conception to execution. Head chef Akiba Shigeo teams up seamlessly with veteran manager Takezumi Ando to serve up the very sort of culinary magic one can only discover in the upper echelons of Japan's fine dining scene.

What to Order

While we adore everything from penshell clams with sea urchin and salmon roe to Saga beef with black truffles, the most irresistible items to us were the simple yet very delicious soy marinated fried chicken and an innovative cheese mochi.