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Winter Wonderlands 23/24

Asia is both a continent of perennial summer and distinct seasons so it is a fabulous destination anytime of the year. In winter one can head to the snowy alps and heritage hamlets of Japan for an unforgettable white holiday or hide away in sunny Singapore or hilly Sri Lanka for some tropical respite from inhospitable cold. However you would like to spend your winter, we at LCO Travel would be delighted to craft a dreamy itinerary for you.

kyoto golden temple snow.jpg


Blessed with majestic white mountains as well as cities that hardly snow, there are plenty of destinations - from world class ski resorts to dreamy hot spring towns and old world cultural bastions - that will make the upcoming winter the best holiday season of your life.  Email us.

Kyoto Óshogetsu New Year 2024 Voyage

Japan Snowy Paradise 2023/2024 Voyage


Indonesia is a nation of a thousand islands - 18,110 to be exact, and is an excellent hideaway for those who dread the cold. Java and Bali are two of the country's most famous islands and Java alone is home not only to the country's bustling capital Jakarta but also the cultural hotspot Yogyakarta where one can visit the UNESCO listed heritage enigmas Borobudur and Prambanan. Email us.



Malaysia comprises of western and eastern territories and both are blessed with great natural beauty and wonderful coastlines. Besides its primordial attractions, Malaysia is also famous for heritage destinations the likes of Malacca and Penang and its wonderful local cuisine that continually attracts travellers from near and far. Email us.

Sri Lanka

The Jewel Island is steeped in history and renowned for its natural beauty. From colourful coastal cities like Galle and Bentota to the hilly terrains of Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka emanates charm and vitality that elevate travellers both spiritually and mentally.  Email us.



Bustling with new found gusto, 'Crazy Rich' Singapore is not only home to skyscrapers and green highways but is currently bedecked with so many world class dining and leisure establishments it is giving other metropolitan Asian cities like Tokyo and Shanghai a run for their money. A concrete jungle it may be but peel away the steely exterior, Singapore still has a fun-to-discover cultural core for sophisticated world travellers.  Email us.


Thailand is a country that needs no further introduction. Its capital Bangkok is world famous for the excesses of an bygone era and the country is also fringed by beautiful resort islands the likes of Phuket and Koh Samui. Whether one is after action packed city nights or placid island days, the famous Land of Smiles will always deliver with surprises to spare.  Email us.



Mention Vietnam and many things come to mind. In the north there are the lake scenes of Hanoi and the gorgeous rice terraces of Sapa. Down in the middle one can find rustic Hoi An where life has pretty much stood still for centuries. In the deep south Saigon is surprising many with its rapid turn into a modern city. Wherever one lands in this enigmatic nation, something uniquely Vietnamese will always catch one's eye.  Email us.

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